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Getting Yourself The Perfect Wedding Gown

Now face it girl, your Wedding is the one day you want all eyes on you. It’s really a day of revenge ladies, a day to show all those nitwits who didn’t ask you to the prom exactly how gorgeous you are. A day to prove to your beloved husband-to-be that you too can look like a real knocker when time comes. And it all begins with the perfect dress.

Here is the thing. Every occasion has a get up, weddings have their dresses. You know all about the dress right, you have swooned over them every now and then when you walked past gown shops, and you have made time to envy the bride’s dress between dabbing your tears at every wedding ceremony you have been to. Well, here comes your chance to wear one at last! But let’s not panic; settle down, there is no place for impulsive behavior when it comes to buying wedding dresses. Get yourself a paper and a pen because here’s a list of everything you ought to do to get yourself the perfect Wedding Gown:

1) Step 1. Do your research. Spend time scanning all the wedding magazines you can possibly get your hands on. Use the net. Copy ideas which you like. Also make sure to write down the shops selling the designs, get their address and phone number.

2) Once you do that decide which shops you are actually going to visit. It’s always wiser to stick to shops which are in your neighborhood or are easily accessible. Before starting off to have a look however pen down how much you want to spend on the dress. Be practical, remember, special though it is, your wedding dress is only going to be worn once so there isn’t really any point in pushing your parents or yourself to the edge of bankruptcy in the process of buying it.

3) While selecting your outfit take into consideration the location and time of the wedding. If you mean to have an outdoor ceremony long heavy gowns might be a problem since they will get dirty easily. If the ceremony is indoors during say summer heavy georgettes or silk might turn out to feel like a furnace.

4) While trying out gowns be realistic about what looks good on you. You might have loved what Britney wore to her wedding ceremony and could have wanted a wedding dress exactly like hers, but guess what your bums might be just a teeny weenie bit bigger than the Pop star and may therefore not be the perfect sight in a gown like that. If you are a little on the plump side, face it, there’s no shame really, buy yourself a dress which doesn’t hug your body like a Scuba Diving suit. If you are stick thin pile on the layers to make yourself look fuller.

5) Make sure to check yourself out from all angles while trying on the gown. You don’t want your back to look unflattering because that’s what the guests are going to look at for the majority of the time. Finally of course buy a dress you feel comfortable and, of course, beautiful in. Your wedding is your day. So go knock them out girl.

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